Uniquely designed by the Bravo Media team and presented globally for the first time as a new bus media format.

1. Super Bus

Our premium, high-impact product fully wraps the whole bus, maximizing every single opportunity. It creates a refreshing visual impact and delivery of your brand and messaging to every person. With this exclusive option, you can take complete advertising possession of the vehicle to achieve parallel livery visibility. It's genuinely a missile from any angle and the best way to target and communicate with all audiences and drive increased customer perception of your product and brand.

2. Theme Bus

When our Theme Bus hits the road, it has a million visuals impact and gets your brand and product notice. It grabs attention and drives awareness like no other advertising format today. We can make your advertising campaign reaches maximum potential by creating an all-immersive experience which will interact with every person that uses us.

3. Grand Panorama

This landmark format has been completely redesigned to incorporate window framing for higher visual impact and continuity. Wrap the bus in your unique brand and cruise through the city to make a massive impression! This is incredibly powerful to deliver your message with larger-than-life advertisements that people cannot ignore.

4. The Empress

A signature format reimagines how we integrate advertising, making the most of the available space on the iconic double-decker bus in the city. Capture the audience by building their attention by making brand messaging and product footprints.

This is the most cost-effective and popular tool for reaching your target audiences.

5. The Emperor

This imposing format is absolutely a head-turner and creates impactful images on the road, along with the ability to oversize imagery and messages.

6. Top Extra-Wide

This unique format is tailor-made to the shape of the fleet service to Lantau Island, Hong Kong airport and connecting the island and traversing the freeways connecting these key areas before heading into the urban street of Hong Kong. These buses will surely capture your target audiences' eyes and imagination.

Taking advantage of the vehicle’s unique shape, we have created a stretch format lift to 55% additional advertising space. It is evident across Hong Kong.

7. Top Wide

Taking over from the famous and well-established “T-shape”, we have increased and maximized the available space to deliver high visual impact and reach all audiences.

8. Superside

This pavement-facing format is a great way to capture the attention of wide audiences, from customers waiting for our bus to commuters and shoppers filling the city street.  Now with up to 28% additional advertising, your advert is even bigger and better than before.

9. Mega Rear

Utilizing the whole of the vehicle’s rear allows us to incorporate key visuals and messages. It is a great way to target drivers, passengers and pedestrians who can read your advert leisurely during waiting. The dwell time is created when the bus is stationary at a stop or traffic light means the target audience can absorb your messaging and improve brand familiarity.

10. Maxi Rear

This new rear product in our portfolio provides excellent and impactful back visuals. It is ideal photography for joining the pedestrian. Imagine if you are following this bus daily.

11. Interior Media

Most customers spend 33 minutes on the bus. In this captive environment, they are exposed to your brand! We can provide creative advertising solutions to drive brand domination. Seatback stickers and internal panels wrap are popular.

12. Digital Media

Complementing our extensive on-bus media formats, you can also offer the ability the digital panels with a fleet of 1,700+ buses and 300+ shelters. These phenomena have joined up an immersive experience for your customers.

13. Citybus Travel App

With more than 1m downloads and 300k+ daily users, the Citybus Travel App is the perfect tool for users. It gets around Hong Kong and informs our customers in real time of their bus arrival time. Customers can access all major transportation operated in Hong Kong.