Bravo Media is built upon a team of talented, creative and industry professionals. Our team has amassed over two decades of experience in the creative and advertising market in the Asia Pacific region.

Bravo Media is a wholly subsidiary of Bravo Transport Holding Limited, an international transport company providing mobility solutions.

Richard Petignaud

General Manager

Richard has rich outdoor advertising experience and developed engaging CRM/loyalty solutions for retailers across the APAC region. He has been based in Asia for over 20 years. His native language is French, plus fluent in Chinese, Mandarin, and English. He is an energetic leader, always passionate about creating insightful campaigns. Over the years, he has gained an excellent reputation in the industry.

Barry Yip

Executive Vice President, Sales & Development

Barry leads our sales team and strives daily to contribute more valuable advertising for clients and the company. He is a media veteran with hands-on experience developing and executing sales strategies and managing commercial teams. He has extensive exposure in various media, including OOH, print and radio. He has a proven track record in achieving company targets and revenue growth with his top-notch storytelling, sales and negotiation skills and his down-to-earth execution ability with a strategic mindset.

Ryan Tse

Senior Vice President of Operations and Logistics

Ryan resolves all the issues related to bus advertising production, installation, and operation with his team. He works seamlessly with internal parties to deliver the most satisfactory solution and service. He has many years of experience in the TV industry, a comprehensive outdoor advertising market, and extensive skills in system development technology. Ryan has contributed to building up the advertising management system, ensuring efficiency and productivity through automation.

Agnes Chan

Vice President of Sales

Agnes has been a team leader in the OOH industry for over a decade. She is an active leader with a strong agency and client network. As well as leading a diverse sales team specialising in the segments of Banking & Investment, Insurance, Property, Entertainment, Telecom & Mobile, they have the skills to assist clients in elevating the brand prestige and strengthening the image. Plus, she spearheads a demonstration of Sales Management, Strategic Planning and Account Management.

Margie Lau

Vice President of Sales

Margie is an experienced and pragmatic sales professional, working in the OOH industry for over a decade. She has deep knowledge of the market. Maximise the advantage of clients. It makes her know the market very well, that’s absolutely an advantage for clients pursuing efficient advice. Her comprehensive cogitation assists the company in achieving different successful projects and showcases. Margie also leads a specific team, provides professional services, and helps clients win premium brand image and exposure.

Jamie Cheng

Digital Marketing Manager

Jamie is an expert in PR and marketing, with a proven track record of experience and robust social networking, which makes her become one of the vital team members. Whether running across online campaigns or offline events, she can handle various aspects from content creation to execution and manage all processes to deliver outstanding performances. She is an all-around marketer with familiarity and professionalism in media and marketing, which can achieve better prospects for BML and our clients.